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Pictured: ISIS’s flying carpet torture tool which snaps victims’ backs in two is revealed

  • Sickening torture tool known as the ‘flying carpet’ is being used by ISIS
  • Prisoners are tied to hinged wooden board and ends are brought together
  • Spines and ribs are bent, often snapping under the building pressure 

This is the gruesome torture tool ISIS thugs use to painfully bend the spines of their hostages.

Known as the ‘flying carpet’, the terror group strap their victims onto a hinged wooden board.

The ends are then brought together – slowly bending the backs of the prisoners.


The sickening method – which can lead to the snapping of the spine and ribs – has been exposed by the rebel group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

‘Shabeh’ – also known as ‘ghost’ – is another excruciating method revealed to have been used by the thug, who largely operate in Syria and Iraq.

This involves prisoners being strung by by their arms for days.

One man who escaped an ISIS torture chamber told the Sun: ‘The ISIS prison wardens would speak continuously of the coming retribution. Men would enter, place knives on our necks, and threaten to kill us.

‘An ISIS member would occasionally enter carrying a prisoner’s amputated head, promising the others a similar fate.’

The extremist group – also known as Daesh – use electric shocks to goad confessions from victims, as well as drowning them in cages.

And a former inmate, accused of selling weapons to ISIS enemies, revealed the horror prisoners suffered at the hands of terror group.

Abu Alnour, a former prisoner who was accused of supplying ISIS enemies, was freed after paying a £33,000 ransom.

Speaking to Syrian human



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