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BREAKING – Hillary’s VP Has Ties to THIS Group, This is Terrifying


A lot of people, and Bernie Sanders was probably at the front of the line, thought Hillary would pick someone as her VP to help appease Bernie’s supporters. But, when she announced Kaine as the choice, more than a few brows were raised and socialist fists were pounding tables throughout the country. But, now it all makes sense!

Breitbart just reported Mr. Kaine has some rather interesting ties in his past, most notably to Esam Omeish, the Muslim American Society (MAS), a radical Islamic organization.

Serving as the Governor of Virginia, Kaine appointed Omeish to Virginia’s Immigration Commission in 2007.

When the appointment became public, it was met with severe resistance by the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a group whose mission is, “…to advocate for the preservation of the founding principles of the United States Constitution, liberty and freedom, through the separation of mosque and state.”

Compared to radical Islamic groups, the AIFD assimilates the principles of OUR Constitution into its faith, seeking true harmony.

On the other hand, MAS is considered radical by many groups, including AIFD.

In a 2008 Supreme Court ruling, Justice Scalia penned an opinion stating “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood of America.” (A group we know to be supportive of radical Islam.)

Omeish would later resign the position, which was applauded by AIFD, but the group also chastised the then Governor for not better vetting his choice for the commission.

So, with everything we have going on here and abroad, Hillary’s top choice for office is someone that broke bread with a known radical Islamist.

I am not sure what their vetting


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