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‘Mr. Trump is providing something new and something fresh’: Obama’s half-brother Malik announces he is voting for The Donald

  • Malik Obama has announced he is voting for Republican Donald Trump
  • His brother, President Barack Obama, has publicly backed Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race
  • Malik explained he was voting for Trump as ‘he speaks from the heart’
  • He added he had been turned off the Democratic party by their support of same-sex marriage
  • The 58-year-old was opposed to Clinton after her email security scandal and after he blamed her for the death of his friend Colonel Gaddafi 
  • Malik added he felt ‘deep disappointment’ at his half-brother’s presidency
  • The half-brothers were best men at each other’s wedding but relations have been strained by Malik’s embrace of militant Islam, including Hamas

President Obama’s half-brother Malik has announced that he is voting for Donald Trump in the next election.

In an interview with the New York Post from his home in Kenya, Malik said he was voting for the Republican candidate because ‘he speaks from the heart.’

‘Make America Great Again is a great slogan,’ he said. ‘I would like to meet (Trump).’

The former Democrat voter said he was voting for a Republican after feeling ‘deep disappointment’ at his half-brother’s presidency.


Malik’s announcement could be seen as a dig at his famous relative Barack, who has publicly backed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton to take over from him after the November election.

But the 58-year-old, who lives in a rural Kenyan village but is still registered to vote in Maryland, has no plans to follow the president’s footsteps and has criticized Clinton over her use of a private e-mail servers while secretary of state.

He also blamed both Clinton and his half-brother for the 2011 death of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi – who he had described as one of his closest friends.

Malik even dedicated his 2012 biography to Gaddafi who he said had been ‘making this world a better place.’

He is also uncomfortable about the Democratic Party’s support of same-sex marriage – made legal across every state under his own half-brother’s presidency.

‘I feel like a Republican now


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