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Trump says French and Germans could face ‘extreme vetting’ before entering US because their countries have been ‘compromised by terrorism’

  • Trump reasserted controversial immigration views he made in RNC speech
  • He wants US to ‘suspend immigration’ with nations ‘compromised by terror’
  • Reality TV star said France, Germany ‘to blame’ for letting terror flourish
  • He also claimed UK left the EU because of the situation in mainland Europe

Donald Trump has said people from France and Germany could face ‘extreme vetting’ before entering the United States because their countries have been ‘compromised by terrorism’.

In his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, he said he wanted to crack down on immigration with countries where terror attacks were rife.

He expanded on his aggressive policy on NBC’s Meet The Press where he blamed France and Germany for letting terror flourish, saying: ‘It’s their own fault… They allowed people to come into their territory.’

‘Here’s my plan – here is what I want: Extreme vetting. Tough word. Extreme vetting,’ he told Chuck Todd.


When asked if the controversial policy may keep ‘a lot of people’ from being allowed into the country he said: ‘Maybe we get to that point.’

Not only did he blame Germany and France for allowing ‘terrorists’ to creep across their borders, he claimed Britain left the EU because of radicalization in mainland Europe.

He said: ‘There are specific problems in Germany and we have problems with France… They have totally been [compromised by terrorism].

‘And that’s why Brexit happened, okay? Because the UK is saying, “We’re tired of this stuff, what’s going on, we’re tired of”.

‘We’re going to have tough standards. And if a person can’t prove that they’re from an area, and if a person can’t prove what they have to be able to prove, they’re not coming into this country.’

He said his bitter presidential rival Hillary wanted to bring in 550 per cent more Syrians than her predecessor Barack Obama and



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