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WATCH – Black Trump Voter Has Enough, TORCHES Hillary and Obama in THIS Viral Video

To say that there is an awakening, a cultural and political awakening, happening in the United States is to utter a grotesque understatement. With the advent of this election, we are witnessing alignments of demographics, seldom recognized as simpatico, joining together to protest the political and governmental system here in the United States

In an interview with a Black man who identified himself as “HP from the Bronx, New York,” for an interview outside the RNC Convention in Cleveland this week, an example of this awakening can be seen. “Under Hillary, basically we’ve been divided racially and I think now [she is] trying to divide gender wise. She wants to divide us man versus women, straight verses homosexual.” For this man at least, the day of pulling the Democrat lever in the voting booth is long gone.

This political awakening is happening across all demographics, too. The Progressive safe haven of a Balkanized America is rapidly giving way to masses that are seeing the Democrats for what they are: dividers.

HP accurately identifies that Barack Obama and his crew – including former Attorney General Eric Holder and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – have succeeded in dividing the country along not only racial lines, but each subsection demographic imaginable. “Under the first Black President – that mostly White people voted for – we’re more divided than ever,” HP said.

Perhaps the most telling line proving an awakening to the Democrats’ came in this statement by HP: “I don’t like the fact that the Democrat plantation always tries to play off of the real pain and suffering that we have in the Black community. Yes, Black people need to wake up.”

The idea of Democrats manipulating the Black community for votes is not only valid, it has been the reason Progressives like Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama have been elected to office. With overwhelming support at the ballot box from the Black community the Democrats ride into office on the backs of Black Americans.

In the height of President Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, and as Republicans were moving civil rights legislation through


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