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BOOM! Trump Just Announced His ‘Nickname’ For Tim Kaine – And It’s PERFECT!


You knew it was coming. In fact, I am surprised there were not odds in Vegas as to what it would be and when it would be announced. But it has been unveiled. Of course, I am talking about Donald Trump’s nickname for Hillary Clinton’s announced running-mate, former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.

In an emailed statement to reporters, Trump spokesman Jason Miller revealed the moniker. As always, the nickname is based on the target’s vulnerabilities, and Kaine’s is no exception. Playing off of his unethical financial dealings, Miller’s statement read, “If you think Crooked Hillary and Corrupt Kaine are going to change anything in Washington, it’s just the opposite.” It’s funny – or maybe ironic – that the acronym the ticket’s nicknames create id “CHeCK.”

Trump has had fun with branding his rivals with catchy nicknames. Aside from Kaine and Clinton, he has bestowed epithets on both Republican and Democrat rivals, and some detractors from outside of politics as well.

Miller’s statement touched on the idea that Clinton’s pick of Kaine as her vice presidential running-mate was “only fitting” due to questions surrounding his ethics. While Kaine was in Washington as a Senator from Virginia and then in Richmond as Virginia’s governor, questions about inappropriate gifts – more than $160,000 by some tallies – have surfaced.

These gifts came in the form of “free vacations, free clothes, and free tickets.” The Trump campaign says it is just another example of an opportunistic career politician who “personally benefited from a rigged system.”

“They do well by the current system, while the rest of America gets left behind,” Miller’s statement concluded. “The choice has never been clearer – Donald Trump calls on us to believe in America, while the status quo


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