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German police speaks out: ‘We can’t arrest Muslims. Rapes and throat slashing is reported as minor incidents. Superior orders.’


German law enforcement is ordered from ‘superior orders’ to neglect its duties to protect women, children, the elderly and men who are victims of brutal violence and crimes committed by Muslims. If this is not the most groteque misuse of the law – we don’t know what is. Not only Germans, but the European population at large should file class-action lawsuits against the government for deliberate failures to protect them in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights. How many citizens have been raped, attacked, killed and had their entire lives destroyed and just been left there without any justice at all? If the police was smart they’d support a class-action lawsuit. It would help them to do their work.

Of course Muslims will scream racism and play victims while they assault, rob, rape, commit arson, slashes throats and then play victims. This is what they are being taught to do as a strategy to deal with police, immigration officers and politicians. People need to stop being pathetic and weak or just stop bringing in immigrants all-together if foreign elements affect how laws work and pushes those law to not be implemented. It’s ridiculous.

Let’s not forget that this is not the first time German’s are suffocated by left-wing oppression. It was leftists, not right-wing groups, who voted in socialist party leader Hitler and kept him in power. And if we look at statistics on terrorism attacks in the EU the largest non-Islamic related terrorism in the region are committed by left-wing elements. You find miniscule acts of terrorist acts committed by right wing groups vs leftists although the extreme left media want the public to believe otherwise. The left


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