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Whether you appreciate Wikileaks or not, when they come out with a document dump, it is something worth taking notice of. This last document dump from the hacker group is one that puts the Democrat National Committee and the party favorite directly in the crosshairs.

As Democrats ready for the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this week, they do so in the face of a Wikileaks document dump of more than 19,000 emails sent to and from top DNC officials. As discussed on FNC’s Special Report, these emails expose that there was, in fact, a concerted effort by DNC leadership to compromise the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in preference to Hillary Clinton. The ramifications could be devastating.


Sanders supporters have – for the duration of the primary cycle – complained about the DNC favoring the Clinton candidacy over that of Bernie Sanders. It is the one of the two commonalities between the Sanders and Trump campaigns; the exposing of the system as rigged.

Special Report regular panelist Stephen Hayes said that based on the emails there is a clear pattern of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other high-ranking DNC officials “thumbing the scales” in favor of Hillary Clinton. He indicated that the emails explained ways to “thwart” the campaign of former Democrat rival Bernie Sanders.

If this is in fact what the emails say, the exposure of these actions and intentions have the potential to not only dampen the support


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