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Dutch Far-Right leader Geert Wilders wants to rid Europe of Islam And Cut It Off ENTIRELY To Muslim ‘Refugees’

  • Chief of the Freedom Party made comments after the Ansbach bombing
  • Called Dutch leader Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel ‘weak’ and ‘cowards’
  • He wants EU borders to be controlled better to rid the continent of Islam
  • Has talked previously urging Muslims to turn their backs on their religion  

A Dutch far-right leader has said Muslims should be banned from crossing European Union borders in a bid to rid the continent of Islam.

Geerts Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, made the comments in the wake of the latest attack in Germany in which a Syrian migrant blew himself in Ansbach in the name of ISIS, injuring 15.

He accused the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and German chancellor Angela Merkel of opening to door to terrorists by not controlling immigration over EU borders.


The suicide bombing is the fourth major incident in Germany in quick succession.

A pregnant woman was hacked to death with a machete by another Syrian in Reutlingen this week.

On Friday, nine were killed in a shooting at a Munich shopping centre after an axe attack by an Afghan migrant injured five when he went on a rampage on a train near Wurzburg.

Speaking after the latest attack, Wilders told The Times he wanted to ‘de-Islamise’ Europe, adding: ‘Syrian. Again. And it will get much worse since our leaders are cowards and weak.

‘We have imported a monster and this monster is called Islam.’

In an article for Breibart last month, Wilders urged Muslims to turn their back on Islam, telling them to ‘opt for freedom.

He wrote: ‘Islam is a totalitarian ideology. Muslims are its victims.

‘Just imagine you’re a gay person in a Muslim family.

‘Just imagine you’re a Muslim girl wanting to marry a non-Muslim.

‘Just imagine being a Muslim wanting to convert to Christianity or any other religion or become an atheist.

‘It is in the interest of our own Western civilisation, but also in the interest of the Muslims themselves, that we encourage as many Muslims



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