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French President: ISIS has declared war on us — ISIS: LOL we did that over a year ago

President of France arrives to the scene of Normandy attack where terrorists beheaded priest, acknowledges state of war with ISIS.

Tal Polon

The president of France, Francoise Hollande, arrived to the scene of the grisly terror attack in Northern France today, where two terrorists armed with knives broke into a church and took the priests inside hostage. They succeeded in beheading an 84-year-old priest inside before being killed by security forces.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

“ISIS has declared war on us,” Hollande said at the site. “We must fight this war with all our means,” he said, afterward qualifying his words by emphasizing the need “to respect the limits of the law, because that is what makes us a democracy.”

According to reports, one of the terrorists had recently been freed from prison, and apparently had a tracking device attached to his ankle to check his movements, since he was only allowed to be outdoors at certain hours of the day.

The attack comes just a few weeks after a deadly terror attack in the French city of Nice, in which a jihadist terrorist plowed a truck into a crowd of people, killing more than 80. A state of emergency is still in place after that attack.

Unlike in that incident, as well


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