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Israeli PM Netanyahu to Knesset: We have defeated the Jew hating BDS movement


Today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared before the Israeli parliament to discuss the Jewish state’s improved foreign relations. On top of Israel being less internationally isolated, Haaretz’s Barak Ravid reports that the PM also pointed to the success he’s seen in the battle against the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement:

Netanyahu pulled out a world map, color-coded to illustrate how Israel’s foreign relations have improved. “People say we are isolated,” Netanyahu said. “What isolation are we talking about?”

Netanyahu said that “we are acting against BDS and this why they are on the defensive,” adding that “they are taking hits of many fronts. We have beaten them.”

He continued that “I do not accept the claim that all foreign policy issues should be dealt with by the Foreign Ministry.”

In response to the claims he had dismantled


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