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Normandy church knifeman was convicted terrorist on electronic TAG…yet he was able to behead a priest

THIS is the baby-faced terrorist who stormed into a Catholic church in Normandy and slit the throat of a 86-year-old priest in front of his terrified congregation while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.


Adel Kermiche was shot dead by police marksmen alongside another maniacal Islamist attacker after the pair targeted helpless nuns taking part in an early morning Mass.

The weedu 19-year-old, who lived with his mother just 200 yards from the church in Normandy, was a convicted terrorist who was known to the French authorities and should have been monitored with an electronic tag.

But despite his attempts to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State (ISIS) he was free to enter the church at just after 9am and brutally murder Father Jacques Hamel in a barbaric attack.

His brother is believed to be a jihadi militant in the Middle East and it emerged how he became radicalised after hero-worshipping the Charlie Hebdo attackers.

Kermiche was caught attempting to cross the Turkish border into Syria in early 2015 and was deported back to France via Switzerland, where he was electronically tagged and forced to live with his parents.

At the time his mother, a teacher, revealed her son had turned to radical Islam after hearing about the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when jihadi gunmen murdered journalists at a French satirical magazine.

She told Swiss media: “The Charlie Hebdo killing was like a detonator for him.

“From then this happy, kind young man who would go out with friends – cosed himself off. He obsessively attended his local mosque.

“It was like he had been brainwashed and bewitched – preaching to his non-practicing family.”

He had previously been an avid fan of sports, pop singer Rihanna and US cartoon The Simpsons, according to reports.

His friend Imane El Fajri, 18, said: “He must have been manipulated. He was the kind of guy who used to break up any argument.”

And his uncle said: “I can’t believe this has happened.’

One teenager


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