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The last Nazi’s surrender: Incredible untold story of the last soldier

  • Lieutenant Wilhelm Dege is thought to be the final German soldier to succumb to allied forces after World War Two 
  • He and a team of 11 were stationed in the North Pole after the war ended and battling polar bears became the norm
  • After being told to ditch their camp, they were marooned with only a rowing boat until a Norwegian ship appeared 
  • He was befriended by the captain having offered him coffee and schnapps, but the captain had been sent to get him
  • After a slightly awkward exchange, Dege handed over his pistol, becoming the last ever German soldier to do so
  • Eckbart Dege, 74, has told the story of his father, which has previously gone relatively unnoticed outside Germany 

The incredible tale of the last Nazi to surrender after World War Two has been revealed by his son.

Lieutenant Wilhelm Dege’s story has been previously untold outside Germany, but he is thought to be the last ever German soldier to succumb to allied forces.

In an exclusive interview, Eckbart Dege, 74, whose father was awarded Germany’s highest medal the Iron Cross, described in detail the precise historic moment his father, the last active German soldier, finally handed over his pistol.


The retired German academic’s father led Operation Haudegen, which was a German meteorological observation post in the Arctic.

Upon war being declared in 1939, the German military High Command could no long obtain the necessary observations through the international meteorological network which were controlled and encrypted by the allies.

To fight effectively, the Germans were forced to establish their own weather station in the Arctic.

Weather reports were so crucial to German


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