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Trump bashes ‘Hillary Rotten Clinton,’ says ‘Debbie — You’re fired!’

  • Donald Trump called his Democratic rival Hillary “Rotten” Clinton on Monday, a new nickname for her
  • He also recycled his ‘low-energy’ insult that doomed Jeb Bush this year
  • First post-convention rally was in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Trump mocked Clinton running-mate Tim Kaine as ‘a weird little dude, man’
  • Rejoiced at outgoing Democratic National Committee chair’s demise: ‘They said, “Debbie, You’re fired! You’re out, Debbie!”‘
  • But criticized Clinton for lacking loyalty to Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘Hillary threw her under a bus and it didn’t take her five minutes’

Before Mike Pence and Donald Trump hit the stage Monday afternoon, their crowd was already chanting ‘Lock her up!’ – a slap at the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

By the time Trump was through with his first post-convention campaign stop, he had one-upped them by giving Hillary Rodham Clinton a new nickname.

‘Why did Hillary get rid of her middle name? Huh? Hillary?’ he asked a capacity crowd in a ballroom at a Roanoke, Virginia hotel. ‘No, but why did she get rid of it?’

‘Hillary – “Rotten” Clinton!’ he said. ‘”Rotten” Clinton. Hillary Rotten Clinton, right?’

‘Maybe that’s why. It’s too close.’


Trump took shots at Clinton running mate Tim Kaine, departing Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren – whom he referred to as ‘Pocahontas’ for allegedly inventing a claim of American Indian heritage.

‘She’s got a fresh mouth,’ Trump said of the famously liberal lawmaker. ‘Otherwise she’s not nothing going.’

He complained about the stifling heat indoors, likening it to the 92-degree heat outside and accusing the hotel of skimping on air conditioning to keep its costs down.

‘I think it’s cooler outside than it is in this damned ballroom!’ he exclaimed midway through a 45-minute speech with five minutes of Q&A tacked on.

‘I feel like I’m in a sauna, right? So I don’t know what hotel this is, but you ought to try turning on the air conditioning or we’re not going to get you paid. These people! Am I right? It’s hot!’

Trump also he recycled an old insult that he once leveled with great effect at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, calling Clinton ‘low energy’ and mocking her for taking midday naps.

‘Her instincts are defective,’ Trump



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