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1,600 year-old kiln hewn from bedrock discovered in Galilee

The Israel Antiquities Authority has discovered a pottery workshop hewn entirely from bedrock- the only one of its kind known in Israel.

Tal Polon

A 1,600 year old pottery workshop has been discovered in the town of Shlomi in the Western Galilee, according to a press release from Israeli Antiquities Authority.

According to the report, the kiln is unique in that is the only kiln discovered in Israel to have been hewn entirely out of bedrock.

“What makes the pottery works so special is its unique kiln, which was hewn in bedrock and is unlike most of the kilns known to us that were built of stone, earth and mud,” explains Joppe Gosker, excavation director of the Authority.

Anastasia Shapiro, a geologist with the authority, noted that the unique geological conditions of the area of Shlomi would seem to make


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