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COVERUP? What is the media not revealing about the beheading of a Catholic priest in France by two Muslim men

By Walid Shoebat

‘They forced him to his knees. He wanted to defend himself. And that’s when the tragedy happened,’ said the nun, identified as Sister Danielle.

‘They recorded themselves. They did a sort of sermon around the altar, in Arabic. It’s a horror,’ she told BMF television. It was an Islamic sacrificial offering to Allah. Such a sacrificial system is part and parcel of Islam itself where Islamic history shares the story of Jaad bin Durham when Al-Kasri slaughtered him in the mosque on the Sacrifical Day 119 A.H. This set the precedent that using a human being as The Festival of Sacrifice is permissible is Islam. This is supported by several of the top most forceful theologians during the history of Islam like Al-Shafi’, Ibin Tayymiya, Bukhari, Dhahabi, Ibin Al-Qiyam, Darami and Ibin Katheer.

The Muslim Isis sympathizers even forced two nuns to watch as they filmed themselves slitting the throat of the French Catholic priest Jacques Hamel. The nuns went on to confirm that the Muslim terrorists performed “a sort of sermon”.

And this is not the first time Muslims offer a priest at the sacrificial altar. Francois Murad, another priest was offered in the same way:

Western governments have not disseminated to the public what we have been warning about for a while. The ISIS Akri/Akra motto (which means ‘strongholds’ more on that later) is the call of Islam to hit the West in areas they are most comfortable.

The question everyone asks about is “when will the west wake up?”

It is better answered by another question, how did God wake up ancient Israel in the Bible? Persecution in France against the church will ultimately wake up the French that the war is not about sick and dying secular values which truly coverup the real situation. The Muslims have already invaded France as they did in the eighth century. One of the things they wanted to destroy was the Church of St. Martin and likewise recently they attacked France at Nice which was no accident. What the media is failing to mention is that Nice is a city that has been touched by the most holy saints,  Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. It was evangelized by St. Barnabas, who was sent by St. Paul himself.

This is a war of history. This is why we were ahead of the ballgame and wrote: The Prophecies Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe Was Predicted By Saints And Is Happening Right Before Our Eyes. This “refinement by fire as gold is refined” is what God ordained in the biblical prophecies about the church, especially in Europe, the center of the church.

And what do we see today? Mr Hollande called for unity between French Catholics and members of other communities. ‘What these terrorists want to do is to divide us, and today after the death of this priest1


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