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IS HILLARY FINISHED: Have the WikiLeaks sunk Clinton, and are criminal charges coming for the Presidential candidate


The Florida Democratic Delegation in Philadelphia welcomed Debbie Wasserman Schultz with boos. The shockingly hostile reception by her own friends and neighbors came just one day after Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation as chair of the Democratic National Committee — amid yet another email scandal on the left.

The hack of the Democratic National Committee emails, now public on WikiLeaks, confirms just how preordained a Clinton nomination was.

Like her party’s crowned jewel Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Schultz aimed to ensure that the nomination was, as Donald Trump charges, “rigged.” Wasserman Schultz did not act alone in condemning Bernie Sanders’ campaign to failure, but her clandestine attacks on his candidacy (calling his campaign manager Jeff Weaver an a** in one leaked email) are deplorable, unprofessional and undemocratic.

As far back as February of this year, it was evident that “the fix” was in for Hillary Clinton. As hard as the Democratic National Committee pushed for Clinton, the Sanders Campaign responded by turning its cause and its candidate into a genuine movement. From the leaked emails, we now know that the fix goes beyond the obvious coercion and control of the Democratic superdelegates — nearly 100 percent of whom voted for Clinton. The Sanders movement was dead before it started; Sanders and his supporters just didn’t know it, although they had their suspicions.

Wait, someone hacked a private email?

Clinton told us that could not happen, but even the FBI disagreed. There is a sweet irony to the Democratic National Committee email scandal. Moreover, if the Democrats have so little understanding of computer security (as was also proven by Clinton’s use of her own private email server while secretary of state), how can they ever be trusted to keep the country secure at home or abroad? They cannot even keep their own correspondence private.

Wasserman Schultz was an unapologetic Clinton supporter throughout the primaries. She deftly navigated the pressure that built against her from the left until the Committee’s  20,000 hacked emails confirmed just how rigged Clinton’s nomination process really was. The Democratic National Committee was protecting the status quo and the establishment. But the veil has been lifted.

Democratic Party unity is now impossible. Its existing party structure was used as a shield to protect the establishment and its candidate. This only serves to put more pressure on Clinton to move to the left, pushing today’s Democratic Party as left as it has ever been. Its platform


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