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The Pope: The world is at war but not religious war – – ISIS: LOLOL


Pope Francis believes there is an ongoing world war, but says the war is not about religion.

– We must not be afraid to speak the truth, the world is at war because it has lost the peace, the Pope told reporters on his way from Rome to Krakow in Poland.

– When I speak of war, I mean war of interests, money, resources, not religion. All religions want peace, it is the others who want war, the Pope said.

The statement came a day after an elderly Catholic priest was brutally murdered in an Islamic terrorist attack in a church at Rouen in northern France.

– This holy priest, who died as he held Mass in the church, is one victim. But how many Christians, innocent children have been affected? The word we often hear is insecurity, but the real word is war. The world has been in a fragmented war for quite a while. There was one in 1914, one in 1939-45 and now this, the Pope said, with reference to the first and second world war.

Around 200,000 people attended the opening Mass for large Catholic youth festival in Krakow Tuesday. It was expected that around


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