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Tongue-in-Cheek Trump Comment on Russia Causes Total Media Meltdown


RUSH: It’s amazing.  There is a joint party meltdown going on over Trump’s press conference, particularly one tongue-in-cheek comment. One tongue-in-cheek comment, which has served the purpose of refocusing everybody’s attention on Hillary’s emails, is causing a multiple-party and multiple-movement meltdown, both on cable news and on social media.

Again, just to restate — and I have not forgotten that I sent you out to round up a bunch of Millennial women to hear.  We’re improv here, and we’ll get to it when I get to it.  I intended to be done with it by now, but things keep popping up out there.  So what happened was, Trump does his one-hour press conference in violation of all of the rules.  Howard Kurtz even has a piece pointing out, like I did last hour, that during conventions the other party goes on vacation.

During a party’s convention, the other party shuts up, doesn’t do anything official. Trump has blown that smithereens with a one-hour press conference today refuting and commenting on everything that we’ve seen at the Democrat convention.  In addition, we’ve got who knows how many people — we’ve had Obama, we’ve had the government, we’ve had government officials, we’ve had cyber experts — saying that the Russians are behind the hacks of the DNC server, have we not?

Nobody has any other idea how we found out what’s on the DNC server where the DNC was rigging the game against Crazy Bernie so that Hillary would win.  We knew that was going on before the hack.  We knew that before the emails.  I did, and therefore you did.  But my point is, they’re out there. They’re the ones. The media, the Drive-Bys, the government, various party officials are telling us it was the Russians.

Okay, well, there’s a bunch of emails out there that we’re still trying to find out the contents of because Hillary deleted them before sending them to the FBI.  Half of the 60,000 that were on her private basement server in Chappaqua.  So Trump in his press conference has a little tongue-in-cheek comment, “Maybe the Russians could help us find Hillary’s missing emails.”  And you would have thought that the biggest act of treason has just occurred from the meltdown


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