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‘It is ours now!’ ISIS show off stolen weapons, drones and computers in gloating video

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) has released a provocative video showing fighters with stockpiles of stolen weapons, drones and computers – with one crazed jihadi mockingly declaring: “Allah granted it to us!”


The items were taken from Western-backed Syrian forces, and include dozens of guns, including bazookas, and mini drones which could be used to launch surprise bomb attacks.

In the video, one killer urges the Western coalition to continue to heavily support Syrian troops with expensive supplies – because they keep ending up in the terrorists’ hands.

He says: “Send arms and equipment to your agents and dogs. Prepare them with the most modern equipment. Send them very much, for it will end up as war booty in our hands by Allah’s permission.

“You will spent it, then it will be a source of regret for you, then you will be defeated.

“Look at your armoured vehicles, machinery, weaponry and equipment. It is in our hands. Allah granted it to us.

“We fight you with it. So die in your rage.”

The gloating video comes after a series of terrifying ISIS-claimed terror attacks in Europe recent days.


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