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MEDIA BLACKOUT: Convoys Of Berserk Muslims Headed Against US Air Force Base In Turkey

By Walid Shoebat

What you see on the news from Turkey are protesters shouting anti-American and anti-Israel slogans, but what most are not seeing are the miles long of convoys headed towards the Incirlik base where U.S. Air Force is stationed to stage a massive rally against the U.S.

Here is one photo:



A critical turning point may have been the massive fire that broke out near the Izmir Air Base this weekend, with T24 news reporting that officials suspected that the cause was anti-American sabotage. The blaze came hours after President Erdogan’s leading Islamist newspaper, Yeni Safak, printed the image of the NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander, US Army General John Campbell, as a leading force behind the coup along with Fethullah Gulen.

The U.S. just shortly before the coup on July 15th knew that trouble was brewing and sent home all families of servicemen on the base. The air base, which is used by NATO and stores US tactical nuclear weapons, has been invaded by Erdogan’s militia two weeks ago when they entered the base in southern Turkey claiming that an investigation is connected with the coup attempt were electric power supply to the base was cut off, forcing the US military to switch to its own internal power supply in order to resume its anti-terrorist campaign in the region.

In summary, anti American sentiments are growing in Turkey and the population is reflecting to its past Islamist attempts to change that nation. Now that its Muslim Brotherhood real coup was a success after July 15th failed coup, we are beginning to see the rise of the Muslim storm.

This storm who many mock saying “was dead” especially after the Muslim Brotherhood failed in Egypt.

Do any now doubt? Now Turkey is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood is Turkey.

Now the Muslim flood of this red dragon wants to stop the U.S. from attacking Turkey’s baby, ISIS, calling for the


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