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Muslim chef prepared food after wiping his behind with his bare hands as he doesn’t use toilet paper for Islamic ‘cultural reasons’

Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia. When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet. ‘He did not use toilet paper for cultural reasons. Inspectors concluded the brown finger prints was faecal matter.’

Mahbub Chowdhury appearing at Swindon Magistrates Court.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Liz)  Chowdhury prepared meat and fish curries at the takeaway, which was run out of a rented kitchen at the Nine Elms pub. The chef, who no longer works at the takeaway, pleaded guilty to ten counts of breaching food hygiene regulations at Swindon Magistrates Court.

He was fined more than £5,000 last year for ten similar offences relating to food hygiene. (And he was still allowed to work there?)

Rosie Heath, prosecuting, said environmental health officers who visited the business in May last year found ‘very poor standards of hygiene’. She said: ‘In the kitchen under the double sinks [they] found an empty plastic milk bottle which was extremely dirty and was covered with brown fingerprints.

‘When asked, Mr Chowdhury explained he filled the bottle with water from the kitchen taps and used it to clean his bottom after visiting the toilet. Chowdhury will be sentenced at Swindon Crown Court.

In Islam, there are a set of practices laid out regarding toilet etiquette. Although they are not compulsory, many devout Muslims follow the teachings. The Islamic Qadaa’ al-Haajah code states that “A man should not touch his private parts with the righthand, only his left. The Islamic prophet Muhammad specified that one should use an even number of


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