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‘They shot my son!’ ISIS priest-beheader’s mother wails in the street and insists he was ‘not a monster’

  • Abdel Malik Petitjean’s mother said she won’t believe her son was involved
  • Yamina, 45, said it is ‘impossible’ that she could have given birth to a ‘devil’ 
  • At her Alps home, she said: ‘He’s not the monster people want to believe’ 
  • During home raid police found scribbled notes in Arabic in son’s bedroom  

The mother of a terrorist Abdel Malik Petitjean reacted with fury today screaming, ‘They shot my son, they shot my son’ as she struggled to accept his death.

Yamina Petitjean was seen for the first time outside her home since marksmen shot dead her son Abdel Malik.

The 45-year-old wailed: ‘I have so much grief. I can’t believe what is happening. Why did this happen.’

She spoke as she tried to calm a mob of youths who had gathered on the council estate in the town of Aix Les Bains and had threatened the media.


One cameraman was kicked and female journalist was shoved in the chest by a surly youth who took objection to the media being on the estate.

Petitjean spoke as she emerged from her council flat where he son lived and had planned his terror atrocity.

She appeared to try and to tell the mob of youths to go away, shouting at them: ‘Respect my grief’.

The youths ignored her and continued to shout and jostle the media.

As she broke down in tears a friend comforted her and led her back to her fifth floor flat.

Friends have said she is in denial about the death of her 19-year-old son.

One neighbour who identified himself as Raymond said she couldn’t accept what had happened.

‘She does not want to believe that her son did this,’ said Raymond outside the ten storey high block of flats where the jihadist lived.

‘She cannot believe the boy she raised would do such a crime. I don’t think she even believes her son is dead.

‘When I saw her she kept saying her son was not dead. Everyone feels very sorry for her, but not so much for he son.’


Yamina spoke after anti-terror police raided the flat and found notes scribbled in Arabic in the French national’s bedroom along with a French copy of the Koran.

A black and white checked keffiyeh-style scarf lies in a heap on the floor and a French-language Koran is seen haphazardly



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