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Hillary Clinton’s Nomination Sends a Terrible Message To Our Daughters

Hillary Clinton just secured the Democratic nomination, making her the first female presidential nominee for a major party, and once and for all proving that a rich, powerful, well connected, liberal woman married to a former president, who has been groomed by a team of political professionals for the past 25 years, can achieve great things.

The media has predictably gone to great lengths to explain why this is one of the happiest and most important moments in American history. It’s “historic,” we’re told. Hillary has shattered the glass ceiling. She’s done the impossible. She’s a champion for women everywhere. She’s “changed the game for girls.” She’s a hero. She’s a goddess. She literally radiates light.

I must admit that there is something historic about Hillary’s nomination. More than one thing, in fact.


First, I believe this makes her the first person to ever be nominated for president while currently under an active FBI investigation. Second, this marks only the third time a person named Clinton has been nominated by the Democrats since 1992. Third, she’s most likely the first nominee to wear 13,000 dollar Armani coats while giving lectures on income inequality. Fourth, I’m guessing she’s the first major party nominee to have spent the last several decades intimidating and silencing her spouse’s alleged rape and abuse victims. Fifth, she is, as far as I know, the first nominee to have run a foundation that accepted millions of dollars in donations from corrupt foreign governments while she was Secretary of State. The list goes on and on. History has truly been made.

But she’s also, as you may have heard, the first nominee to possess a uterus. It’s this point that’s supposed to cause us to swell up with pride, even though, according to liberals, her possessing a uterus has nothing to do with her being a woman. In fact, her being a woman has nothing to do with her being a woman. Liberals want us to view the nomination of a woman as some landmark occasion, but at the same time they want us to view womanhood itself as entirely subjective and malleable. Once again, feminism and “transgenderism” crash violently into one another. Liberals can’t decide which contradictory narrative should win, so they just go with whichever serves their purpose in the moment. Today womanhood is a unique and splendid thing, defined by both the soul and the body. Tomorrow perhaps it will go back to being nothing more than a state of mind.

But for now, we’re meant to cheer the triumph of Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, and today at least, that means something. I’m informed by the media that it especially means something for the daughters of America, who should feel inspired and uplifted by Hillary’s accomplishment. Social media has been filled with proclamations from parents who are very excited about the “message” this sends to our girls.

As the father of a young daughter, I’ve been thinking about that “message” quite a bit myself. And call me sexist, but I don’t look at my little girl


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