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DESPITE ALL THE TERROR: Angela Merkel Declares ‘We Will Bring In More Muslim Immigrants Into Germany’

By Theodore Shoebat

Angela Merkel has declared that Germany will be accepting in more Islamic refugees. Even after the recent attacks in Germany, she still wants to bring in more Muslim terrorists. As we read in one report: 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her confidence in coping with refugee challenges on Thursday, repeating her mantra “We can do it” while raising a nine-point plan to ensure security after recent terror attacks in the country.

Merkel interrupted her vacation after four attacks claimed more than 10 lives in southern Germany within the past week. Three of the four attackers were refugees, two had connections with the Islamic State.

“We are facing a huge test,” said Merkel at a press conference in Berlin. “In Germany, in Europe, in our neighboring countries, terror prevails.”

She condemned the recent attacks saying they were “shocking, distressing and depressing,” and that measures needed to be taken to ensure security.

Merkel announced a nine-point plan which included lowering the hurdles for the expulsion of asylum seekers, adopting an early warning system for radicalization among refugees, and joint exercises of the police and armed forces.

In addition to this, the plan would see the establishment of a central agency to decrypt Internet communication, passing an European weapon directive to prevent trading weapons online, enhancing international intelligence cooperation and strengthening work with countries in the Middle East and North Africa to reduce the number of refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

“Several months ago, I said in this hall that Germany is a strong country. This (refugee) issue is our national task,” the Chancellor said, referring to last summer when she introduced her famous tagline “We can do it” and opened borders to refugees.

Over 1 million refugees flocked to Germany last year. The German population was welcoming at first, but public opinion has shifted somewhat after mass sexual assaults by refugees in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Recent terror attacks have put more pressure on Merkel for her refugee policy and have fueled anxieties that far-right parties’ political influence will increase.

“I did not say that it would be an easy task,” Merkel told reporters about finding a solution to the refugee crisis, adding she had expected challenges ahead when she made the decision to open borders last summer.

She said Germany would stick to its principles and continue to grant asylum protection to those fleeing wars.

“I am convinced, just as earlier, that we can make our historical task well in the time of globalization,” Merkel reiterated. “We can do it.”

Germany is doing this by the demands of Turkey, and because it is an evil nation, it has made an alliance with the sultan, Erdogan, and it will be allied to the antichrist Islamic Ottoman Empire in the future.

To understand more on the evils of Germany, I would encourage you to read my in depth article on why Germany is an enemy nation:

The German military is amongst the top ten most powerful militaries on earth, and in this discourse it will be seen that it is conspiring with the Muslims with the aspiration of reviving back its evil empire, whose sinister roots go back to centuries of bloodshed, genocide and the bent to destabilize and destroy Christendom. 

In the fourth century the Germans, who had converted to the anti-Catholic heresy of Arianism (which, like Islam, denied the Divinity of Christ), tried to destroy the Catholic world in its invasion of Europe and North Africa and in its sacking of Rome. The Protestant Reformation that began in Germany advocated for the destruction of the Catholic world and for the obliteration of the seat of St. Peter. The revolution of the Reformation would lead to the Thirty Years War, the first pan-European war in which Protestant Germany and their Muslim Ottoman allies warred against Catholic Europe. This aspiration to destroy Christendom continued on in both World Wars. In the First World War, the Germans allied with the Muslim Ottomans against the whole of Europe. In the Second World War the Nazi Germans conspired with the Muslim Albanians and Bosnians, while at the same time, praising Luther, invading Catholic Poland, and working to war against the Vatican.

The Protestant population in Germany, in the words of one historian, “provided the broadest and deepest reservoir of support for the Nazi party in all social groups during its electoral triumphs in the early 1930s.” (See Richard J. Evans, The Third Reich in Power)

Now in today’s Germany, the Protestants (like Merkel and Joachim Gauck) are dominating politics, and dominating Europe through their economic superiority; working with Muslim Turkey (which is working to restore its own empire) in destabilizing Europe by absorbing masses of Muslim refugees; providing arms for Islamic terrorists in the Middle East with the intention of overthrowing Assad’s secular government in Syria, and thereby advancing the Islamic empire in the Near East; and pushing for Orthodox and Catholic countries, such as Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary, to accept the Islamic refugees into their countries, who are resisting Germany’s advances. In addition to this, it is also pertinent to point out that Germany’s economic strength is due to Nazi money, made by Nazi industrialists who were pardoned by the US and its allies after the war, thus allowing and enabling Germany to become the economic empire that it is now, and this will enable Germany to become the Fourth Reich that it so desires to become. Turkey wants to restore its old empire, and is working with Germany which as well has already proven itself to be an enemy.

As the Nazis created the Muslim divisions of the SS, so the Germans today are working on training an elite army consisting of the Islamic refugees that they brought over with the thanks of Turkey.

The Bundeswehr (or, the German Army) will be training thousands of Muslim refugees in a hundred skills that will enable them to fight, kill and take over Syria, and then sending them back to Syria where they will be fighting to establish their Islamic government. The skills that the soldiers will learn varies from explosives, bomb disposal, military logistics, etc. The Germans will also be training a team of Muslims to be “management experts,” or special officers who would be parachuted into Syria to rule the country. Germany is also planning on participating in this transformation of Syria, to create what German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen called a“recognized, legitimate Syrian government”. 

The end result of this scenario is so conspicuous that one can easily prognosticate its end: these very Muslims who are the Germans are training will use the training to advance an Islamic empire. How is this even different from how when the German Nazis trained Muslims to form the Islamic divisions of the Third Reich? 


And how, then, does this differ from the times when Protestant Germany conspired with the Muslim Turks in the devastating Thirty Years War, or how they were allies with the Ottomans in WW1? Germany is lifting its veil of modernity and revealing a face of evil that has always been there, masquerading itself from the current masses.

The German government gave tens of thousands of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition to Kurdish fighters, and those very weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS and other criminals. The very Kurdish fighters for whom the Germans supposedly provided the weapons, sold


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