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Popular “Fact Check” Website Caught In Disgraceful Lie To Protect Democratic National Convention Reputation


Conservative Tribune was one of several sources that pointed out the glaringly obvious lack of American flags at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia when it began on Monday.

Convention organizers obviously heard the incredible amount of stinging criticism for that “oversight,” for the situation was rectified on the second day of the convention, with flags being added to the stage and even more added the next day, culminating in a veritable sea of small red, white and blue flags all across the arena during the acceptance speech of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton Thursday night.

But it would appear as if one of the left-leaning “fact check” websites thinks we are all stupid or suffering from amnesia, as it claimed the purported lack of flags on day one was a right-wing lie when in fact it was the website that was lying about it, according to The Daily Caller.

The repeatedly debunked and liberally biased “fact check” website Snopes exposed its political leanings and shortcomings when it proclaimed false the allegation that there were no American flags on stage on day one.

As proof of its assertion, Snopes offered up a screenshot showing the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance on the first day, after which the flag was removed.

It compounded the falsehood with a further lie, posting a still frame from video obtained on day two of the convention that showed flags on stage as proof that there were flags on stage on the first day, when there clearly weren’t.

They captioned that photo: “Contrary to claims that flags were added to the DNC’s staging only after the Democrats were criticized for not displaying any flags at the event, photographs captured U.S. flags being set up on the stage prior to the start of the convention


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