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HORRIFYING PREDICTION: FBI says terror like we have never seen before to hit Europe


A wave of Islamic terror “like we have never seen before” is on its way to Western Europe, says FBI chief James Comey. What we in recent weeks have seen in Nice and in German cities is only the very beginning of something far worse.

The Islamic State is about to be defeated in Iraq and Syria. Their “capital” in Iraq, Mosul, is now under attack. It can, according to the Red Cross, bring a new flow of refugees to Europe. Some of them may be supporters of the Islamic State, who have been displaced.

So when the allies crush the Islamic state, a large number of very dangerous people will go to Western Europe, where it is very easy for them to enter.

These are in addition to those who have already come.

They could enter illegally via Greece or Italy, but some may also come as asylum seekers and seek asylum. The asylum policy is “colourblind,” thus all can seek asylum regardless of their attitudes, as long as they have not committed war crimes, which often is hard to prove. And nobody must be sent back if torture or death awaits, states the conventions.

Many will settle in major European




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