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Is The US Government Setting Up To Murder Thousands Of Its Own Soldiers In A Repeat Of Benghazi, But This Time In Turkey?

We covered earlier this week how Turkish President Erdogan used a false flag military “coup” to consolidate his own power, eliminate the remaining opposition, and rally support to himself and his perverted aim of rebuilding the Ottoman Menace into its former Empire. This “Ottoman dream” is a threat to the entire world because if Turkey successfully rebuilds itself into what Erdogan desires, and now there is no obstacle to stop him from doing so, the days of the 16th century will return with a great Muslim army, backed by the other Muslim nations, acting with a unified will to subjugate the world and try to destroy the Christian faith. All of the evils which the West fought against the Muslims when it was under Christendom will return with a vengeance.

This brings us to an interesting role, and that is of the US Government in this crisis, and, more importantly, the particular persons in power in the US government right now. I say this with regard to the US-Turkish military partnership at Incirlik Air Force Base in Eastern Turkey.

The last eight years under Nobel Peace Prize recipient US President Obama have been anything but peaceful, as the USA has invaded close to a dozen nations around the world, most of them Muslim. However, the nation that stands out the most for the purpose of this situation is Libya, since it was in Libya that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her cohorts committed the infamous Benghazi scandal, in which four american CIA operatives were lynched to death by US-backed Muslim terrorists for political ends. Not only did these men call for help repeatedly, but Clinton stood by as these men died, and then, with not even the slightest disturbance in conscience, blamed the attack on a petty




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