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Normandy jihadists SMILED at nuns as they BEHEADED priest


Photo: Muslim gunmen in France use nuns as human shields shortly after
slitting the throat of an elderly priest at the altar of his church.
(thanks to The Religion of Peace).

“Normandy jihadists smiled at nuns as they slaughtered priest,” By Rory Mulholland, Paris , The Telegraph, 30 July 2016:

In the minutes between slitting the throat of an elderly priest and being shot dead by French police, a teenage jihadi smiled “happily” at two nuns held hostage during the church attack and engaged them in a conversation about the Koran and Jesus Christ, it has emerged.

The nuns who witnessed the gruesome murder of Father Jacques Hamel on Tuesday by two 19-year-olds in his church in Normandy have recounted their ordeal to the Catholic newspaper La Vie.

Father Jacques Hamel was killed during Mass at his church in Normandy by two teenage terrorists

Sister Huguette Peron and Sister Helene Decaux said the young men were highly agitated and aggressive during the attack which shocked France, but they quickly calmed down after they had murdered the 85-year-old priest.

“I got a smile from the second (man). Not a smile of triumph, but a soft smile, that of someone who is happy,” said



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