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WATCH – Women Make SAVAGE Video to End Hillary, She Will LOSE If People See It

Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to emphasis how bad we need a woman in office. Somehow, in her demented mind, she thinks the fact that she is a woman is what should motivate all women to vote for her.

The girls at Reason Magazine apparently do not agree with her, so they put this blistering video together to prove how ridiculous her thinking really is…


The point driven home in this video, at least to me, is that it does not matter if you are a man or woman, it is about addressing the issues that need to be fixed in this country.

And, as many women told me when we discuss the election, it is actually insulting to women voters to force the issue they should be voting for Hillary simply due to her body parts.

Hillary also tries to sell her “record” and “experience” to voters, but the problem is her record is a disgrace and her experience only amounts to days in office rather than having accomplished anything.

She has only been responsible for three pieces of legislation during her entire time as a Senator, and one of them was to rename a street!

There is virtually nothing positive in her entire career as a politician.

What we do know is the tragedies


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