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Germany: Afghan Muslim smashes up church, “Because I am a Muslim”


It’s in the Qur’an. He’s a pious Muslim. Respect it!

But he must be something of a moderate Muslim — he didn’t behead the priest.

Germany: Afghan smashes up church, “Because I am a Muslim” By Creeping, July 31, 2016:

Source: “Because I am a Muslim”: Media cover-up in Germany as Afghan smashes up church – Diversity Macht Frei

It happened a week ago, but the police kept quiet about the incident and the church management did not file a complaint, it has only just come out:

Last Friday a 19-year-old Afghan stormed into the Versöhnungskirche [Church of Reconciliation] at around 7.20 pm in an open community evening in the Eilbek district of Hamburg. He threw chairs and benches around, kicked over a Bible stand, splintered the glass and threw hymn books onto the ground. According to an eye-witness, the church-goes present were very afraid and let him continue his destruction. No wonder, he was wearing swirling Islamic dress, which might have hidden a suicide belt.

The Muslim did not speak during



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