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MASSACRE AVERTED: Background of Muslim’s plannged Jerusalem Light Rail terror attack last month revealed

Shabak interrogations reveal the plans of the Jerusalem Light Rail Bomber, from how he entered Israel, to where he planned the attack.


At the end of their investigations into theattempted a terror attack on the Jerusalem Light Rail, Israel Police and Shabak have submitted a joint prosecutor’s statement against the Arab student who masterminded the incident.

Ali Abu Hasan, 21, a resident of Beit Ula, is an industrial engineering student at a university in Hevron.

Abu Hasan intended the attack to be revenge against tourists and Jews who visit the Temple Mount.

On the day before the attempted attack, Abu Hasan entered sovereign Israel illegally by climbing a wadi (valley) next to Tzur Bahar, until he reached an olive grove in Jabel Mukabar, on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem.

There, he changed into casual clothing, wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and a baseball cap. He also shaved his beard into a goatee, in order to blend in with the crowd.

Early the next morning, Abu Hasan prayed in a nearby mosque, got on a bus in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem, and arrived at the city center, at the junction of Jaffa Street and King George Street.

There, he waited at the station for the Jerusalem Light Rail, with a knapsack full of homemade pipe bombs, and began to explore his surroundings in preparation for the attack.

The joint interrogations of Shabak and the Jerusalem Police indicate that the terrorist originally planned to blow up the bombs in a restaurant next to the station. However, after seeing all the people waiting for the light rail train, he changed his mind, and waited for the train to arrive in order to wreak his vengeance.

Light Rail security guards were suspicious of Abu Hasan’s behavior. When they checked him and his bag, they found the pipe


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