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NASA Scientist Confirms Portals Are Opening Around The World


Do you know that portals are opening in different parts of the world? Yes. A scientist from NASA confirmed this scenario.

We all know that NASA is not totally open to the public about what they truly know. For those people who do not know this, yes, NASA is not telling you everything, they’ve been very selective on what to release and what not to release. The reason behind? Only them knows why.

But recently, one of NASA’s scientists leaked an information when the scientist admitted that portals are opening around the world.

There’s more to it than just being portals. What is it? Find out!

Many people believe the Universe can be explored in almost a blink of an eye, using energetic portals and our consciousness. The Ancients knew about these means of traveling to other Star Systems, but also to the inner Earth using crystals, pyramids, and other earthen structures aligned with the ley lines of our planet.

Alice’s rabbit hole. The tornado in the Wizard of Oz. The ‘Gate of Hell’ in Dante’s Inferno. Fantasy literature is full of symbolism referring to portals that allowed the passage to inconceivable worlds.

Within this scheme we can look at the work of a NASA scientist who disclosed that everyday, portals open and close


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