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The 5 Most Devastating Scoops From WikiLeaks’ DNC Emails… SPREAD THESE EVERYWHERE


By now, most political junkies have heard that the WikiLeaks DNC emails have shown yet again that the Democrat Party fixed the 2016 nomination to go Hillary Clinton’s way. Just how bad was it, though?

It’s a lot worse than the media are reporting, especially since some of the media is involved in the scandal. Here are the top five revelations that will absolutely devastate the Democratic National Committee from the WikiLeaks email dump.

#1: NBC’s Chuck Todd apparently takes orders from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

We all knew that the deadly serpent of liberalism had long since enveloped the Kingdom of the Peacock, but we’d at least have hoped that Chuck Todd was immune. Todd’s role is no small deal — as host of “Meet the Press,” he’s more or less


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