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ALERT – Hours After Obama Calls Trump ‘Unfit’ For Office, Trump DESTROYED Him

Obama continues to use his remaining days in office to attack Donald Trump and do everything he can to boost Hillary Clinton in the polls.

Today, in what was supposed to be a press conference on TPP, where he is reinforced his belief in the agreement (one which Hillary has been forced to pivot on due to Trump attacks), Obama called him “unfit for office.”

Trump quickly issued a response, which you can see in full below…

The entire Democrat party continues to cherry pick one liners and turn them into a campaign of Trump being completely unfit for the Presidency.

In all honesty, they sound more like a far left wing Internet website than educated representatives of the people.

BUT, that is what our political system has become, so maybe I should not be shocked these types of comments come from the lowest man on the roster all the way up to the President.

It is also quite ironic the things he says about Trump are even more true about Hillary Clinton.

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