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DEAR LIBERALS: You better hope this video of Donald Trump doesn’t go viral because it will get him elected!

News networks spend a lot of energy calling Trump an angry clown.

They’d better hope nobody watches this. It shows who the REAL clowns are.

The video spans decades… from 1980 to present. This isn’t the stereotypical shouting and bombast from a podium.

This video has clips from TV interviews. Interviews from before the time he seriously considered politics.

He was even on Oprah, for goodness sake!

In all those interviews, you get to see an arc, a consistency in what he stands for.

From 1980 until today, you see his consistency in voicing concern about trade imbalance.

You see consistency in voicing concern about how veterans are treated.

Consistency in concern for job losses, even when the privileged were doing well.

See for yourself, look back to the clips in the early days when he was not seriously considering political office. What were his concerns?

An America that was falling short of its real potential for greatness.

An America that was being short-change


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