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Hungarian government minister feared for his life as he got lost in ‘dangerous’ Brussels Muslim migrant zone

A HUNGARIAN politician has called for tighter controls on migration after becoming so frightened in a Brussels neighbourhood he ran for his life.



Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said he felt so intimidated he feared for his life – although he would not say what frightened him.

But he implied limiting migration could prevent such “dangerous neighbourhoods” from developing in Hungary.

Szijjarto said the incident happened when he was already a minister and had gone for a run in Brussels but got lost.

He claimed if somebody “loses their way in Brussels, going astray by only two streets”, they might need “to run for their lives”, adding: “It is not an exaggeration, I have been in such a situation.

“I made a mistake and started running in the wrong direction.

“Migration was not like it is now back then, but now our migration policies are appreciated by me much more.”

However he would not


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