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ALERT: US military base in Turkey STILL on lockdown – is Erdogan eyeing American nuclear weapons stored at the base


By Dr. Jake Baker

There are a lot of questions about the supposed Turkish coup in July of this year and among them is a question that both the U.S. and the world should be asking.  Are the U.S. nukes stored at Incirlik Air Base at Adana safe?

Most of the world does not know that the Incirlik Airbase in Southeast Turkey is home to NATO’s largest nuclear weapons storage facility.  As of four days ago, the Incirlik Airbase had been surrounded by some 7,000 of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Turkish troops and security forces.  The question which desperately needs answered is whether these forces are there to protect the base, lock down the base, or attack the base.  How will Barack Obama, believed by many to have deep Islamic sympathies, react to the aggressive nature of Erdogan? And is all of this leading to a nuclear Islamic caliphate?

You may recall that after the dubious coup attempt of July 15, 2016, the American Embassy in Ankara issued an “Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens,” with a warning that power had been cut to NATO’s Incirlik Airbase and that “local authorities are denying movements on to and off of” the base.

The airbase was forced to rely on backup generators and U.S. Air Force and NATO planes stationed there were prohibited from taking off or landing.  Additionally, we have received reports that the security level at the base was raised to FPCON Delta, the highest state of alert, usually reserved for a situation when there is an imminent threat of or actual terrorist attack.  Reports have also said that General Bekir Ercan Van and nine Turkish officers had been detained for questioning with allegations that they had been a part of the coup attempt.

Hans M. Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, tells us that about 25% of NATOs nuclear stock pile, approximately 50 B-61 hydrogen bombs, are stored in the underground vaults at Incirlik.  Reportedly the yield of the B-61 can be adjusted from as little as .03 kilotons to a yield up to 170 kilotons.  As a comparison, the Hiroshima bomb yielded about fifteen kilotons.  In other words, there an extraordinary amount of firepower at the base.  You can bet that Erdogan is well aware of this fact.  The question is: Does he have designs on having his own nuclear arsenal either for himself or for his dream of the restored Ottoman Empire?

The nuclear storage facility was originally built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Second World War.  When


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