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Hillary Says She Will ‘Raise Taxes On The Middle Class’, Crowd INSTANTLY Does THIS

Like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes and crush hard-working Americans so she can give all of our money away to the freeloaders.

She reiterated that very thing during a recent speech and her puppets are so stupid they didn’t even realize it…

Hillary was hammering away at the upper class and talking about how Donald Trump wants to cut taxes, and then the infamous words came out of her mouth…

Right from the donkey’s face, “…we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!”

And then the puppets started to applaud.

This is eerily familiar to Hillary promising to put coal miners and coal businesses out of work!

Hillary walked that one back and I am sure she will walk this one back too and say she said she meant to say upper class.

Personally, I think Hillary is finally have the problem of telling the truth before she tells her lie!

We know she wants to put coal miners out of work because of her ‘green’ agenda. She only walked it back because she needs those votes.

We also know Dems have a horrible record of increasing taxes because they like to give freebies away so they can lock in all those votes the next time around.

Sorry Hillary, regardless of how you try to walk this back, your words already told us something different.

And, after all, as your buddy Obama says, well at least after he stole someone else’s speech, “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!”


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