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Hillary Says She Will “Raise Taxes On The Middle Class”, Look What Crowd Does INSTANTLY…Be Prepared To Puke


Hillary Clinton can do no wrong in the eyes of her adoring fans.

Not when she left four men to die; not even when she deleted classified information from her private server.

The fact that Hillary has promised to put coal miners out of work makes her base more enthusiastic than anything.

Here’s a crowd cheering for Clinton after she says she’ll ‘raise taxes on the middle class.’

LOL for days.

From Daily Wire:

Hillary Clinton called for raising taxes on the “middle class” while campaigning on Monday in Omaha, NE. Joined by left-wing Democrat billionaire Warren Buffett, she received applause from those in attendance.

“Because while Warren is standing up for a fairer tax code, Trump wants to cut taxes for the super-rich,” said Clinton. “Well, we’re not going there, my friends. I’m telling you, right now – we’re going to right fairer rules for the middle class


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