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‘I’m gonna kill you Jew’ Families terrified as Anti-Semitic hate crime spikes in UK

JEWISH families are fearing for their lives as Anti-Semitic hate crimes have drastically increased in the UK.

The number of reported hate crimes against the Jewish community has risen more than 10 per cent in the first half of this year, with at least three people targeted each day.

As Anti-Semitism is spiking, families have said they no longer feel safe in the country they have proudly called home.

One such family is the Gould family, who revealed they are planning to leave Britain as hate crimes against Jews become common place across Europe.


Simon Gould told Sky News: “We have seen this growth of Anti-Semitism across Europe to the point where by the UK is not immune from it.

“And we are starting to feel uncomfortable.”

According to The Community Security Trust (CST), which monitors Anti-Semitism, there is no single reason for the increased hatred against the Jewish community.

Shockingly, the CST has recorded more than 550 hate incidents between the start of January and the end of June this year.

The trust reported that there were 32 incidents of damage and desecration of property and 431 in the abusive behaviour category.

Direct threats against Jews have also been recorded, while social media is also being used to target the religious community.

CST chief executive


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