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PATHETIC: Swedish Teenagers Now Being Paid to Hang Out with Muslim Migrants

Sweden is experiencing a type of ‘immigration jihad’ that is being enabled by a naive Swedish government.

BY Bruce Cornibe

Swedish Government Can’t Get Enough Multi-Culturalism


When it comes to refugees, Sweden goes out of its way to accommodate them, even at the expense of its own people.

Sweden has gotten creative in its efforts to provide additional housing for Muslim refugees on the backs of Swedish citizens – from proposals to have Swedes rebuildgarages that could be rented out to refugees, to reports of Swedes being evicted from their homes to make room for foreigners. Sweden has a reputation of being verywelcoming to refugees including allowing liberal immigration policies (because the number of refugees accepted in 2015 some officials claim Sweden is the “largest refuge country per capita in Europe”) and generous government benefits. A recent article shows that Swedish authorities are even paying Swedish teenagers to essentially hang-out with Muslim immigrants. Breitbart reports on this cultural integration type effort:

Around 50 Swedish-born youngsters, aged 14 to 15-years-old, are being paid 50 Swedish Krona ($6/£4.50) an hour to mingle with the new, mainly Muslim, arrivals.

In the first week of the trial, in the town Svenljunga, about an hour from Gothenburg, the teenagers are said to have learnt about democracy, equality, and prosperity.

“You can’t just turn things on, but we see it as these young people are doing a very important job in teaching about their cultures and gaining a greater understanding of each other,” said project manager Kristina Sune Fire.

While getting paid to share a country’s values with immigrants may sound like a good idea to multiculturalists – why after seeing the manifestations of a Sharia based culture would Sweden continue down the path of cultural integration instead of assimilation for Muslim refugees? What kind of values can Sharia contribute to Swedish society – misogyny, Islamic supremacy? Furthermore, Breitbart reveals how the refugees are being rewarded to have fun while the Swedish public are the ones to foot the bill:

The young migrants participating in the scheme in Svenljunga do not have work permits and receive income support payments from the government.

In the first week, they were treated to a free trip to the Liseberg amusement park where they went canoeing on the water “learn to cooperate in and with nature” and stayed with a scout troop in a wooden cabin.

With these types of benefits what immigrant wouldn’t want to come to Sweden, especially when the government helps with housing and other kinds of assistance?

Sweden is experiencing a type of ‘immigration jihad’ that is being enabled by a naive Swedish government. Politicians of the Swedish welfare state continue to pander to the dictates of their ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ political ideology. While one can argue these values helped Swedish authorities accept desperate groups of people during World War II such as Norwegian and Danish Jews (these actions were commendable) – the Sharia adherent Muslims it’s letting move to Sweden today are a grave danger to Swedish society.

Sharia law attempts to govern every aspect of a Muslim’s life. In Western countries like Sweden where there isn’t a Muslim-majority Sharia is oftentimes held to the local, neighborhood or family level of enforcement, but this does


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