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Russian helicopter seen dropping ‘toxis gas’ on Syrian town, hours after Russian chopper shot down over Ibid

Russian helicopter shot down in Aleppo, Syria

Russian helicopter shot down in Aleppo, Syria

  • Russian Mi-8 helicopter carrying three crew and two officers was ‘shot down in Idlib region of Syria
  • Pictures showed what was believed to be the body of Russian crew member being dragged through dirt
  • Kremlin says aircraft was returning from delivering aid to war-torn Aleppo when it was gunned down
  • Local activists say a helicopter dropped toxic gas on nearby Saraqeb effecting 33 people hours after crash

A Syrian town was attacked by a helicopter dropping toxic gas just hours after a Russian chopper was shot down nearby killing all five on board, local rescuers have claimed.

Graphic pictures yesterday showed the burning remains of a Russian helicopter which crashed down in Idlib province before a crew member’s body was dragged through the dirt.

The Kremlin claimed the aircraft had been returning from war-torn Aleppo after delivering humanitarian aid.

Hours later another chopper was seen dropping containers of toxic gas on the nearby town of Saraqeb affecting 33 people – mostly women and children. Syria Civil Defence workers, who went to the scene of the attack, said they suspected it was chlorine but could not verify that.


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