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#3WordHillary: New Trend to Mock Hillary Takes Off and She is FURIOUS


Hillary sure knows how to rack up hashtags, and thats about the only thing she will ever be able to actually claim as “making history.” Unfortunately for her, most of the Hillary related hashtag trends aren’t very positive for her. Twitter was set ablaze on 2 days after her epic DNC failings, for no American Flags, to no uniformed officers allowed, Hillary couldn’t have put on a more Un-American show if she invited her Saudi Prince to kiss her feet while giving orders to take our guns!

That being said, i think the American masses are indeed finally seeing how horrible of an idea it would be to allow that woman to become the President of our beautiful country…..and they are saying it through hashtag.The newest is #3WordHillary, and it is going viral on Twitter. Social Media dwellers are using it and then picking the best 3 word sentence to describe her in their opinions. I love it!



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