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BREAKING: Israeli Team Infiltrates Secret ISIS Messaging Group, Reveals New List With US Targets


“This is only the beginning …”

TV Channel 10 in Israel reported on Wednesday evening that the Israel startup company Intsights had been able to infiltrate a closed Telegram messaging group of 500 Islamic State commanders and members from all parts of the world. In the secret Telegram group, ISIS members discussed new attacks on Western targets and exchanged information.

The CEO of Intsights, who was interviewed by Channel 10, said that his team had discovered two months ago that ISIS had earmarked a church in Normandy, France, as a possible target.

Last week the Catholic church near Rouen in Normandy became the scene of a grisly terror attack in which elderly priest Jaques Hamel was murdered by two ISIS terrorists who slit his throat.

The Intsights team discovered this week that airports that are in use by the U.S. military are likely to be targeted next.

Researchers of the Israeli startup revealed maps with airports in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States. All these airports


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