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DISGRACEFUL LIES: ‘Trump never kicked me out!’ Mom of crying baby sets record straight after media runs with false story


The mother of a crying baby at a Donald Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia, is speaking out after she says the mainstream media completely twisted a non-story into a controversy.

Devan Cierra Ebert, who took her baby to a Trump rally Tuesday and was jokingly called out by the GOP nominee when the child started to cry, took to Facebook to explain how the media turned what actually occurred into a “Trump kicks baby out of campaign rally” headline, according to Red Alert Politics.

Here’s the incident that got the media stirring up their anti-Trump narratives:

But now, the mother of that baby says the incident did not happen the way the media presented it, writing “I am in no way offended and I again reiterate, Mr. Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out of the Briar Woods High School, Trump rally.”

“The media has severely blown this out of proportion and made it out to be something that it wasn’t and is clearly using this as political gain for the Democratic Party. I hope this message sheds light to what really happened,” the mother wrote on social media.

Check out her full Facebook statement via Red Alert following the back-to-back media coverage on the incident:

“Hello, this message is for Donald J. Trump. I was the mother in his rally on Tuesday, August 2nd, in Ashburn, VA, with the baby who started to cry. I would just like him to know personally that I, by no means felt I was ever “kicked out” of his rally. I excused myself and my child when he awoke from his nap and began to cry. It was only because I had to grab my child’s belongings and then make my way out of the aisle I was seated in that I wasn’t out of there sooner. I realize Mr. Trump doesn’t know me personally, but for those that do, know that I am the first one to excuse myself and my child when he begins to cry because I personally believe it’s rude to disturb anyone else’s ability to hear what they came to see. I’ve left movies, violin recitals, and other events if I felt my child was disturbing others. It is the considerate thing to do. I stood right outside the doors of the auditorium continuing to watch and listen to what Mr. Trump had to say. In fact, the police that were right outside in the same hallway with me, treated me with so much respect it was incredible. They were so kind and made me feel welcomed to stand with them. One officer commended me on my bravery to bring my child to Mr. Trump’s rally. I fully support Mr. Trump. I thought he responded very graciously to my child crying and he made a lighthearted moment out of what I usually consider to be stressful. I actually was out of the auditorium before he even made his follow up comment about my child and even then, when I was informed of his comment, I laughed. I understand he says things jokingly, and I understand no one


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