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Hillary Says Trump Doesn’t Manufacture in U.S., Instantly Gets Embarrassing Surprise


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t known for her honesty. In fact, she’s probably better known for how she manages to skirt the truth and rewrite it according to her own delusional account.

Recently, the former secretary of state claimed that none of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s businesses produce anything in the United States, but it turned out — surprise, surprise — that Clinton was once again cherry-picking facts in an attempt to make Trump look un-American.

“I find it highly amusing that Donald Trump talks about make America great again; he doesn’t make a thing in America, except bankruptcies,” Clinton said last week in Pennsylvania.

Politifact did some fact checking of that claim, and let’s just say Clinton stretched the truth quite a bit. Trump does have businesses in America, including his wine company and Trump suits. In addition, Trump’s website sells apparel items that include the “Make America Great Again” hats, T-shirts, signs and buttons, and all of those items are made in America.

“Many of Trump’s products are made overseas, but not all of them. At the least, some of his suits and the campaign memorabilia he sells on his


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