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WHAT IS HE SO AFRAID OF? Obama Just ORDERED Republicans Not To Support Trump (VIDEO)

The President of the United States went on for nearly six minutes (he was clearly prepped to do so) in response to a question about GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Mr. Obama declared Trump “UNFIT” to be president, took Trump comments out of context and then wrapped them around Obama’s own view of how the world should be and America’s (diminished) place in it.

There has NEVER been a sitting president who has so immersed themselves so directly into an ongoing presidential race between two other candidates.

This was a bizarre demonstration to be sure, but one clearly packaged for the moment, for as Barack Obama went on to order Republicans not to support Donald Trump, the media released multiple stories about three-term Republican Rep. Richard Hanna announcing Trump is “unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country.”


Note the use of the term “UNFIT” by both Congressman Hanna and Barack Obama.

The direct collusion between the political elite of both parties is well underway. The 2016 Election will



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