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Archaeologists find 3,000 year old fabrics from reign of Kings David and Solomon perfectly preserved in copper mine



Three-thousand-year-old textiles have been uncovered by an excavation team in Arava Valley, Israel. Archaeologists from Tel Aviv University found the textiles preserved within the Timna copper mines – a site that some believe was once linked to King Solomon. Coincidentally the textiles have been dated to the era of the kings David and Solomon.

These fabrics are the first to be discovered from that era and could provide new insight into the fashions of the Holy Land. The team also found seeds, leather, and other rare artifacts.

These findings offer clues about the semi-nomadic Edomites, who were thought to operate the copper mines. According to the Bible, it was the Edomites who warred with the Kingdom of Israel.

The copper from those mines was used to make tools and weapons, and thus copper was the most


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