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BREAKING: Marine Corps Commandant Exposes the Treasonous Order Obama Issued to US Marines


A man at war should never abandon his weapons, especially if that man happens to be a part of the United States Marine Corps.

This basic doctrine, part of the Rifleman’s Creed, makes sense to nearly every single person on the planet, save of course for President Barack H. Obama.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford revealed as much this past Tuesday, when he told the House Armed Services Committee that Obama had ordered our esteemed Marines to first destroy their weapons before they evacuated the U.S. Embassy in Yemen last month.

 If you recall, on Feb. 10, the State Department decided to suspend all operations at the embassy and initiate an evacuation after the country was overrun by Iranian-affiliated Shiite Muslim rebels.

But that order itself was apparently not good enough for Obama, who also demanded that the Marines first destroy all their weapons, including the personal arms they were carrying. This means that they were left at the mercy of the Yemenis until they finally made it out of the country.

“It is my opinion that is an intolerable position … to be in a very dangerous situation, and depend on trusting the very people who have put us in that very dangerous situation to not do us any harm while we turn over all our weapons,” Rep. John Kline, himself a former Marine officer, opined during the committee hearing, according to


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